Ayu Tateishi
Ultra Maniac (90)


Yui Horie

OVA Seiyū

Satsuki Yukino

English Voice Actress

Stefanie Sheh



Manga Debut

Chapter 1

Anime Debut

Episode 1: Ayu & Nina

Ayu Tateishi (立石 亜由 Tateishi Ayu), a cool and athletic middle schooler, is one of the main characters in Ultra Maniac. She appears in both the anime and the manga.

In the MangaEdit

Ayu Tateishi is in the seventh grade. No matter what, she strives to stay calm and cool in the eyes of other students, particularly Tetsushi Kaji. When Nina Sakura arrived at the school, Ayu helped her find a valuable possesion of hers, which was her magic computer. Nina clung to Ayu, insisting that she repay her somehow, so eventually she told


her that she was a transfer student from the Magic Kingdom. At first, Ayu did not like the idea of being seen with a witch girl, but later, they became best friends. Also, because of Nina, Tetsushi became her boyfriend. Before she was dating Tetsushi, Ayu felt great competition with Akiho Hirota, a girl on the baseball team who had a crush on Tetsushi. Ayu is an excellent tennis player, and she plays for her school's team.

In the AnimeEdit

Unlike in the manga, Ayu is in the eighth grade. She met Nina when a group of older boys were bothering her and Nina used her magic to get them out of the way. That same night, Nina returned Ayu's wallet to her after she dropped it. She had a crush on Tetsushi Kaji, and later they dated.


  • Ayu is 5'4 tall, according to book three in the manga.
  • Originally, Yuki from Wataru Yoshizumi's Random Walk series was going to be named Ayu, but there was a popular celebrity named Ayu at the time, so she saved the name for later.
  • On the cover illustrations of the manga, Ayu appears to have brown eyes. However, in the anime, they are gray.