Kaji Tetsushi
Tetsushi Kaji


Kaji Tetsushi






About 13-14 years old

Hair Color


Eye Color




English Voice

Rafael Antonio

Japanese Voice

Kamiya Hiroshi


Episode 1, "Ayu & Nina"


Kaji Tetsushi is a cool and popular guy in Hideo Middle School. He appears in both the manga and the anime.


Considered an idol by the girls and a role model to the boys in his school, Tetsushi appears to be cool and always has a nice smile, but that's just his outer shell. In reality, Tetsushi is a normal person who doesn't even like being an idol. He only acts like "Prince Charming" because Ayu stated once that she liked him that way. (Ayu acted "cool" for the same reason.) He later explains to Nina that he's being "the nice guy" because of Ayu and that he worked hard for the title. Nina has a crush on Tetsushi during the second volume of the manga, but she forgets her original feelings for him when she sees how happy Ayu is to be with him. In both the manga and anime, he and Ayu eventually begin dating. As the ace of the baseball team, many students admire him, including Ayu Tateishi. Some of his fans are 3rd grade students who usually give him presents, which he accepts with a warm smile. But in reality, Kaji is a type of guy who hates being given presents by people he doesn't know. But he still pretends to be a nice guy because Ayu once told him that she liked him that way.

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