In order to keep this wiki accurate and neat, there are rules and policies that need to be followed. These rules apply to all users of the wiki.

General Rules

These are the general rules of the wiki.

1. Use appropriate language.
  • Do not insert innapropriate words in a username, article, userpage, or any other page on the wiki.

2. Do not vandalize the wiki.
  • No vandalisim of any kind will be accepted on any part of this wiki.

3. Keep all information on the wiki accurate and related to Ultra Maniac.
  • This is the Ultra Maniac wiki, so all of the information should relate to Ultra Maniac. Also, the wiki aims for accurate information, and every page should have this.

4. Use proper grammar and correct spelling and punctuation.
  • The wiki should look professional and easy to read, and this means that users should should have proper grammar. Also, they should capitalize, spell, and punctuate correctly. No texting language will be allowed on articles. However, users can use texting language (such as thnx, plz, lol) and smileys on their userpages.
    • 4 exampel dont wright a article liek this :(

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